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Central office

01030, Ukraine,
Kiev, Khmelnitskogo Str, 52-B
Tel: +380 44 586 61 93
Tel/fax: +380 44 586 61 94

General Director
Honored Power Engineer of Ukraine
Honorary Power Engineer of CIS

Semenko Vitaliy


The Center of the Energy-Efficient Applications «Energy of the Planet», in collaboration with partners and in reliance upon Ukrainian Lows “About Energy Saving” and “About Alternative Energy sources“, popularizes and helps forward the products and technologies which aimed on the effective negotiation the Energy sources crisis with wide-ranging implementation of the economical and power manufacturing powers based on the energy- and ecology- saving rational technologies.

Our Center does not acquaint the wide range of the customers with new technologies only, but also contributes to placing of orders, takes part in the common projects of the implementation the Manufacturing, Installation and Using Programs of the energy objects, and provides customers with investment helps.
In case of your interested in collaboration we are always willing to keep the dialog.

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