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We would like to present the group of companies, which fruitfully work together for many years. Each of those companies operates in appointed field and at the same times all these companies realize the wide range of the designing, construction and installation works including technical and repair services.

ENERGOBUD GROUP : The coordination of companies activities in the fulfillment of the designing and construction works for subjects of the Power Engineering and Cellular Communication Construction in Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

  • Open Joint-Stock Company «PROMiK». The designing and building of the electric power transmission lines and substations including with voltage 750 kV, as well as towers and musts for Mobile Communication Network.
  • House Technologies «» Ltd. specializes and has extensive experience in the field of technology "smart home". Department of Design and Construction of VL 35-750 kW Company "House Technologies" IT-Home.Ru. "Design and construction of transmission lines (with the development of non-standard constructs bearing) voltage classes up to 750 kV and substations, the design and construction of wind farms and 300 MW (wind farms).
  • The Center of the Energy-Efficient Applications «Energy of the Planet» Ltd. The designing and the installation of the hot-water supply and heating systems with using the heat pumps
  • Security & Safety Agency IRBIS, ltd. Support of security of the power system objects (substations and power lines) and safety of sites, when there are constructing with. Supply, the assembling and setting up of alarming systems, video-watching systems, technical-controlling systems. Communication systems based on commercial secrets protection. Security and safety of private meetings and common conferences. Escorting of valuable cargoes. Bodyguard services. Investigates.

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