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Let us introduce you business group “Energobud”, acting on the market since 1995. A group was created for coordination of activity of member enterprises during power engineering, signal communication and alternative energetic systems facilities design, construction and exploitation within Ukraine and abroad.

The eighth (8th) International Conference "Multisided steel poles – (MSP) - 2013" will be held in a new format. "MSP - 2013" conference delegates have an opportunity to take part in the conference "Composites CIS 2013" at the same time.

The Forum will take place on 4-6 September 2013, location - the city of Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine.

More details about the conference and registration here

Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues and friends,

Our conference opens its door for eighth time, but this year is more special. New technologies are gaining momentum precipitously, and practically bursting into our life, forcing us to adjust constantly our plans to keep up with the times. Thus, our last conference had dedicated one entire session for a new issue for us, such as towers with poles made of composite materials. Almost at the same time, two weeks later, another conference was held in Sevastopol. It was entirely dedicated to composite materials and their practical application in our real life.
Both of these events have induced us to pay closer attention to the topic of application of composite materials in the design of power lines. And not only for parts of supports, but also for the all other parts that making up OHL. We delved into the history. It turns out that back in 2010 in Paris the Study Committee B2 "Overhead lines" of CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems) presented a summary report on the results of overhead lines development, which says: «New tower design with new composite materials is in a preproject state and this may be a way to overcome objections. One idea is to erect an OHL using synthetic material as much as possible. At the moment only studies and ideas exist for 400 kV synthetic towers and further investigations are necessary. At distribution level composite towers have been in operation in North America for 30-40 years. North American manufacturers estimate composite material based towers’ life span to be 50-80 years. Costs of components are estimated for towers approx. 3 x conventional lattice tower prices, for composite material based conductors approx. 2.5-10 times the price of conventional ACSR conductor of the same cross section (however increased loadability and reduction of losses must be considered), total line costs approx. 20-30 % increase in price per km of conventional overhead line».
All these developments have led us to the decision of arranging a joint event, i.e. both conferences on a single platform the same time. This will not only allow you to get acquainted with new designs of overhead lines, but also to get an idea of the current level of development of composite materials, communicate directly with their developers and manufacturers.
Otherwise, everything is as before. We are presenting Ukraine and Russia, the CIS, the European Union and Canada, India, and China. We come together to brag about achievements and share plans for the future, to argue and reconcile, to plan ways of cooperation, discuss problems and find the ways to solve them. All of us are the best designers and manufacturers of constructions, constructors of overhead lines, and those who operate and maintain them.
I hope that our conference, already in the new format, will acquire more and more authority; and, as before, will stay the launch pad for bold new ideas and technologies.

Best regards,
Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee of the conference
Oleg Semenko

Report on the WG23 В2 CIGRE meeting download (pdf, 0,5 Мb)

You can download the group presentation here.

Group members:

  • «PROMiK.» LTd
    Design and construction of OHL with voltage rating till 750 kV inclusively (as well as design of unusual support structures). Design and construction of signal communication antenna masts and towers. Participate in the work of CIGRE WG B2.23.
  • House Technologies «» Ltd. specializes and has extensive experience in the field of technology "smart home". Department of Design and Construction of VL 35-750 kW Company "House Technologies" IT-Home.Ru. "Design and construction of transmission lines (with the development of non-standard constructs bearing) voltage classes up to 750 kV and substations, the design and construction of wind farms and 300 MW (wind farms).
  • LLC «The center of implement of energy-saving technology “Planet Energy”»
    Project Management of heating and hot water supply systems based on heat pumps, design and construction of wind power stations rating till 300 MW (wind farms), design of power services for industrial enterprises, service of energetic audit.
  • Security & Safety Agency IRBIS, ltd. Support of security of the power system objects (substations and power lines) and safety of sites, when there are constructing with. Supply, the assembling and setting up of alarming systems, video-watching systems, technical-controlling systems. Communication systems based on commercial secrets protection. Security and safety of private meetings and common conferences. Escorting of valuable cargoes. Bodyguard services. Investigates.

Main offices are situated in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev and Moscow; we have also regional divisions in Lvov, Simpheropol (Ukraine) and Prague (Czech Republic).
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